Andrea Venet

Solo / Small Chamber

Chorales - Once Upon a Time & The World Was Round
Marimba solo

Instrumentation: 4.3 octave marimba (5.0 octave optional for II. The World Was Round)

Description: The chorales Once Upon a Time and The World Was Round were written in 2018. After simultaneously working with several students on chorale passages found in different solos, I was inspired to develop a more defined pedagogical method in approaching rolled marimba textures. These chorales came about as a result. The titles reflect spoken passages from John Cage’s Living Room Music, which my students were performing at the time of composition. The World Was Round is also loosely based off of a circle-of-5ths progression (“around and around and around”).

Video for The World Was Round here: 

Difficulty: Intermediate

Duration: 5 min (both chorales)

Price: $20.00

Refrakt for Marimba Quartet
Marimba Quartet

Instrumentation: 4 4.3 Marimbas + 1 5.0 Octave marimba. Only 2 mallet technique is required by each player for this piece. Refrakt for Marimba Quartet

Description: Often inspired by elements of nature that involve motion and color, such as water and light, I draw parallels between these elements on how I perceive and write music. The word refract refers to the change of direction of a ray of light when it enters at an angle through things like water, air, or glass. In the marimba quartet, performers share registral and harmonic roles, while motives are passed around the ensemble within a homogenous texture and similar range. Despite moments of specific, maintained musical color, spatial motion is generated, as if light is bouncing off a surface and abruptly changes direction, yet remains contained in a perceivable way to the listener. In other instances, musical lines are presented and then repeated with a different character by another player, with more distinct soloistic focus. 

Cover Image - Refraction by Robin Herst Rose | 

Price: $50.00 (PDF)


White Ranger
Solo/Small Chamber

Instrumentation: Vibraphone, empty beer keg, 3 brake drums, 3 pitched Thai or DREAM Mbao gongs (C3, Eb4, Bb4), chimes, 2 metal cooking pans, 2 metal mixing bowls, 16" suspended cymbal, splash cymbal, 2 small lagerines, 4 tin cans, glockenspiel, bow, large plastic tub or metal trash, 4 glass bottles, 2 singing bowls G4, A4 or 2 gongs G3, A3, large Lagerine, 3 triangles, glass wind chimes, 2 semi-resonant metals, sizzle cymbal, large surdo drum, 1 sound plate, wind gong, tam-tam, medium lagerine, low octave crotales

Difficulty: Advanced

Duration: 7 minutes

Description: White Ranger (2019) was written for the first commissioning cycle of The Green Vibes Project, started by Chase and Christine Banks in 2018. The Green Vibes Project inspires environmental awareness, discussion, education, and community through the performance and commissioning of new music.

The piece is written for solo vibraphone and percussion quartet. The percussion parts are scored for recycled materials which include glass bottles, scrap metal, brake drums, trash cans, an empty beer keg, and a brand new instrument I have created for this piece named the 'Lagerine'. Finding sounds and assembling the necessary instrumentation should provide a creative and fun project for performers.

Music available for PDF purchase. (Hard copies available at

Price: $40.00 (PDF)

Green Ranger
Solo/Small Chamber

Green Ranger - Vibraphone Solo + Percussion Quartet

Instrumentation: Vibraphone, ribbon crasher, congas, concert toms, marimba (5.0), hi-hat, vibra-slap, djembe, egg shaker, kick drum, wind chimes, suspended cymbal, splash cymbal, 2 pitched gongs, glockenspiel, log drum, concert bass drum, wind gong, ankle bells

Difficulty: Advanced

Duration: 6 minutes

Description: A fun and energetic piece for solo vibraphone and ensemble, and named after my vibraphone, Green Ranger employs rhythmic complexity making it unpredictable at times, while always maintaining groove and character. If you are a fan of the hit 1990s show 'The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers', you may appreciate the fun, heroic quality of this tune. 

Music available for PDF purchase. (Hard copies available at

Price: $40.00 (PDF)

Solo Snare Drum & Mallet Quartet

Dr. Andrea Venet wrote the first version of Kibo in 2005 while studying rudimental snare drumming with the famous Bob Becker. She later updated the piece after studying other great rudimental works by John S. Pratt and Joseph Tompkins. Elements of these composers can be found in Kibo, such as a variety of rudiments, a host of sticking permutations, various treatments of ruffs and flams, and a wide range of dynamics.

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Omnes Trio
Percussion Trio

Omnes Trio, the Latin translation of ‘Trio for All’, was written as an expression to promote equality within the percussion field. With homogeneous instrumentation and a shared set-up, the piece is characterized by hocketed rhythmic lines, trading grooves between players, and soloistic passages that create rapidly flowing textures and quasi-melodic lines. The elegiac opera gong motive serves as a sonic cushion between dark silence and intensive waves of rhythm. 

Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced

Instrumentation: 3 players; One bass drum mounted flat (shared), 3 sets of bongos, 6 pitch-bender opera gongs

Price: $38.00

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Percussion Duo

Percussion Duo

Chromeo - Percussion Duo

Instrumentation: Multi-percussion (8 toms, 2 bongos, 1 snare drum, concert bass drum, hihat (2), splash cymbal, desk bells (4) 

Difficulty: Advanced

Duration: 5:45 minutes

Description: The opening groove in the song Frequent Flier by the band Chromeo is something that immediately caught my attention, and became the motive that starts this percussion duo. This rhythm, melodic in quality when voiced out on multiple drums, is prevalent throughout the piece. It is traded between players individually, in addition to being realized as a composite theme when broken up and hocketed between parts. A new voice is introduced at the end with desk bells, which to me, gives it a bright, glowing character in the fade-out, as if you are riding into the sunset of the Great Plains.

Music available for PDF purchase. (Hard copies available at

Price: $30.00 (PDF)

Vacillating Compass of Indigo/Teal
Percussion Duo

Vacillating Compass of Indigo/Teal (2019)

Duo for Vibraphone, Marimba, & percussion 

Commissioned by the University of Oklahoma Percussion Studio

Currently under performance exclusivity until January 2021

Faded Lines
Snare Drum Duo

Written by Andrea Venet after a gauche encounter at a post office in Conway, Arkansas, Faded Lines is an energetic duet for field drum and piccolo snare drum, with both players sharing a mounted bass drum. Because the musical material is so tight-knit and both players pass rhythmic ideas back and forth, it requires an intense knowledge of the other player’s part. This piece is a perfect high-energy closer to any recital program!

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My Favorite Things
Marimba & Vibraphone Duo

This popular show tune by Rodgers & Hammerstein II first appeared in the musical “The Sound of Music” in 1959. Ironically, the happy lyrics were originally meant to be sung by a woman in the musical in order to reconcile her fear of the unknown. This tune has since become a jazz standard and Christmas song because of it’s wintery depictions. Written for Escape X percussion duo, I decided to take a unique approach and manipulate the traditional meter to have a groovy feel in 5. Additionally, when we perform this tune we incorporate some of Escape X’s favorite things, which include pitched metal bells and almglocken.

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Percussion Ensemble (5+ players)

PercussionEensemble by Aphex Twin (Richard James), arranged by Andrea Venet

Nannou is a percussion adaptation of the piece originally written by Aphex Twin. The overall effect is one of a groovy techno music box. It was originally arranged for the Arizona Academy of Performing Arts front ensemble percussion section, and was premiered at the Tempe Center Of The Arts Theater Show in 2010.

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Rotation I
Percussion Ensemble by Eric Sammut, Arranged by Andrea Venet

This arrangement of Eric Sammut's Rotation 1 by Andrea Venet is for a percussion ensemble of 10-14 players. With an expansion of orchestration and the addition of percussion parts, this arrangement provides a fun and groovy addition to your program. Each of the marimba and vibraphone parts may be doubled. Both synthesizer parts are optional.

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Double Concerto
Marimba, Vibraphone, and Orchestra

Double Concerto for Vibraphone, Marimba, and Orchestra, by Emmanuel Sejourne. Arranged for Vibraphone, Marimba, and Percussion Ensemble by Andrea Venet.

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Escape Ten KPP Publication Series / Commissions

Fast Lane by Aurél Holló
Percussion Duo

Aurél Holló is most notable for his wide breadth of performances with the internationally acclaimed Hungarian percussion ensemble Amadinda, an ensemble hailed by The Guardian as “among the most dazzling percussionists you might hear this side of Bali.”

Holló helped found the ensemble in 1984 in Budapest and has actively contributed as a composer and performer throughout their years of success. As a member of Amadinda, he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic (1997), in addition to other national Hungarian awards. Among Holló’s many musical influences include the great avant-garde Hungarian composer, György Ligeti, as well as Balinese Gamelan, a very rhythmic and percussive music with a heavy emphasis on repeated, interlocking patterns called kotekan by idiophones and gong chimes. These influences in timbre and rhythm are especially present in Fast Lane. Fast Lane was commissioned by Escape Ten in 2016 with funding provided by the Bruce Carver Multicultural Arts Grant awarded by the School of Performing Arts at Virginia Tech.

For sheet music please contact Aurél Holló:

Clear Midnight, by Michael Burritt
Percussion duo

Clear Midnight was commissioned by and dedicated to the fabulous Escape X Percussion Duo. The work is essentially two movements in one. The first part functioning much like an introduction or prologue, and the second, a 3 part movement unto itself. The piece is intended to be a “tour de force” for these two dynamic performers showcasing their versatile skills and impassioned musical voice.

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Meteor, by Stephen Ridley
Marimba Duo

This piece attempts to create a kind of wavering sustain by tasking each  marimba with a similar-but-different part in the same register. That sound inspired the name of the work. The title is also meant to hint at the two most important musical forces in the piece: meters and mediants.

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Parkway, by Joe Locke
Percussion duo

Commissioned by the Escape X Percussion Duo, jazz vibraphonist/composer Joe Locke crafted a programmatic tribute to his new home of New Jersey, and, more specifically, the Garden State Parkway. Driving along the tree-lined roads of the Parkway with a cloudless, blue sky on the horizon can be blissful, but New Jersey's fast drivers can often make the drive somewhat less than calm. Locke perfectly captured this juxtaposition by writing for marimba and vibraphone. He also incorporated Escape X's iconic style of adding extra sounds to the keyboards by writing for tuned gongs and crotales.

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A One Way Ticket, by Drew Worden
Multi-Percussion Duo

A One Way Ticket is inspired by a poem of Kelsey Burritt's entitled Drone. Upon first reading, I was struck by the imagery in each phrase and how each line depended on its predecessor, but was still so starkly different from it. As my mind started imagining each scene, my eyes were already reading ahead - the text literally tugging me into the next line. I think this agile; swerving motion of the text is intentional, and crucial to the structure and character of the poem. When reading aloud, the breaths somehow feel natural despite the use of limited punctuation. Brief pauses at the end of lines last just long enough to sip some air before the words catapult the reader back into these short, vivid scenes. There do not appear to be strong cadences in the poem, where one has time to stop and think about the last several lines ... rather, the poem begs you to keep reading until it simply stops - in an entirely different place from where it began. - Drew Worden

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Chorale Variations, by Steve Danyew
Marimba Duo

Chorale Variations is scored for two marimbas and consists of five short movements. I wrote the chorale-like music of the second movement first, which inspired several related ideas (variations, if you will) that I knew I wanted to explore and develop within the larger work. The second and last movements feature the chorale in its entirety; in the other movements, I develop motives drawn from the chorale. Chorale Variations was commissioned by Escape X in 2013. - Steve Danyew

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Abandoned Roadside Chorale, by Christopher Cook
Marimba Duo

It is hard not to be curious about something hawked by a hundred billboards as you drive through the back of beyond. Each of the colorful dinosaurs which stand in the backyard of the gift shop seems to have been molded from a vague memory of a picture of a dinosaur the creator once saw. Many of these campy roadside attractions are eerily abandoned but still a worthy destination for the curious motorist and touring percussion duo. Abandoned Roadside Chorale was commissioned by the percussion duo Escape X.

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Album Releases

Colours of a Groove

Album of new and commissioned works for marimba duo by Escape Ten. Released in 2014 by Escape Ten Records. By Andrea Venet & Dr. Annie Stevens.

Album may be purchased from:
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